Edition 47 / 10 Mar 2017

Edition 47

‘What music will I select and how can I present it so it has a magnetic effect on the audience?’ Curator Saskia Lankhoorn continuously asks this question. She tries to bring space, atmosphere and energy into the equation. The location where the music is heard has to add an extra dimension to the performance. Hence the conscious choice to put jazz pianist Kaja Draksler (‘she plays her own personal music, modern jazz that’s really no longer jazz’) in the Nieuwe Kerk: a traditional instrument on a traditional stage, but with an intangible musical content of its own.

Saskia Lankhoorn found a new location for How to Live a Life by Peter Adriaansz, who for the first time will combine video in an interdisciplinary piece. The location is the old power station known as Elektriciteitsfabriek in The Hague, a raw industrial spot that reminds one more of Berlin than the administrative capital of the country. Rozalie Hirs experiments in Dreams of Airs by giving the concert hall an informal setting. The audience can recline on beanbags and enjoy the concert in a lounge-like atmosphere.

Edition 47 / 10 Mar 2017

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