What makes Lera Auerbach so special?

We can keep repeating how special we think it is that Lera Auerbach is coming to our festival in The Hague, but we thought it would be nice to let our partners have their say this time. In this video, Sven Arne Tepl of the Residentie Orchestra, Tido Visser of the Netherlands Chamber Choir, Vera Kooper of the Delta Piano Trio, Saskia Lankhoorn of Ensemble Klang and Emlyn Stam of the New European Ensemble talk about their fascination with Lera Auerbach.

Lera Auerbach Festival
From October 15 to 22 we organize the Lera Auerbach Festival in Amare, the Nieuwe Kerk and Korzo. We have a week long programme to introduce you to the work of this versatile artist. View the complete programme here.

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