31/1/2 Jun 2024

edition 70

Edition 70

The presentation of the Willem Pijper Award takes centre stage in this edition of Festival Dag in de Branding from 31 May to 2 June. Composers Cecilia Arditto and Trevor Grahl will be presented with this composition award from The Hague City Council by alderman Saskia Bruines in Amare. Of course, Arditto and Grahl’s work can be heard in the…

15/16 Mar 2024

edition 69

Mathilde Wantenaar

She is one of the most remarkable composers of the young generation: Mathilde Wantenaar. As guest curator of this edition of Festival Dag in de Branding, Mathilde has put together an exciting programme of music she wants to bring to our attention. On 15 and 16 March 2024, Dag in de Branding presents six events, including performances by ensembles like…

15/22 Oct 2023

edition 68

Lera Auerbach Festival

On 21 October 2023, composer Lera Auerbach reaches her fiftieth birthday. From 15 to 22 October, we celebrate this occasion with a festival in The Hague entirely dedicated to her. Lera Auerbach is a particularly versatile artist: a composer, but also a concert pianist, conductor, poet and visual artist. Her repertoire is richly varied – delicate and bold, worldly and…

17 Jun 2023

edition 67

Edition 67

Festival Dag in de Branding kicks off the summer with an extra long and festive edition. The day begins in the warm sands of Scheveningen beach with a performance by Neofanfare 9x13 and ends in the Nieuwe Kerk with the presentation of the Kees van Baaren Prize to Dutch-Korean composer Seung-Won Oh. The musicians chosen to perform her mesmerising work…

4 Mar 2023

edition 66

Edition 66

The combination of music and technology yields endless new artistic possibilities. This edition of Festival Dag in de Branding sees an encounter of two worlds: the centuries-old tradition with its familiar acoustic instruments, versus the modern age with its ever-changing technology.

15 Oct 2022

edition 65

Edition 65

Today there is a tendency to emphasize cultural differences between people. In this edition of Festival Dag in de Branding we do just the opposite: we emphasize bridging differences.

21 May 2022

edition 64

Edition 64

During Festival Dag in de Branding, the venues and ensembles of The Hague introduce you to the newest music. They selected three talented alumni of the Royal Conservatoire as artists in residence: composers Thomas van Dun and Julian Maple-Oliveira, and harpist Michela Amici.

26 Feb 2022

edition 63

Edition 63

What kind of world are we living in now? With the pandemic lasting much longer than anyone would have thought two years ago, artists too feel the need to reflect on the consequences of global social disruption. This includes the composers during Dag in de Branding on 26 February.

13 Nov 2021

edition 62

Edition 62

The world premiere of the long-awaited opera by composer Meriç Artaç, which concludes her artist-in-residence at Dag in de Branding. All the characters she's introduced to the public over the past two years meet as they wait together for the mysterious Mr.Z. Will he show up? This edition also includes, among other things, a collaboration in The Hague between the…

18 Sep 2021

edition 61

Dag in de Branding x Rewire

Following the successful collaboration in 2019, Festival Dag in de Branding is once again teaming up with The Hague’s Rewire Festival. Both festivals stand for musical adventure and experimentation at the intersection of composition, improvisation, electronic and video. Dag in de Branding focuses on music composed music in Netherlands, Rewire focuses on the international avant-garde.

9 Jun 2021

edition 60

Edition 60

Art is at its finest when it offers its viewers or listeners a chance to experience something new – whether it’s a fresh train of thought, new imagery or a new way of listening. In this edition of Festival Dag in de Branding, different generations of composers present a fresh perspective on old and familiar aspects of music. Unfortunately it…

10 Apr 2021

edition 59

Rage d’Amours

Unfortunately, due to the Corona measures, we've had to decide to postpone the planned program with Rewire to September 2021. Instead, on April 10, we will take you back to one of the favorites from our festival archive: the opera Rage d 'Amours by Rob Zuidam, performed by the Residentie Orkest in 2010. You can watch the video of that…

12 Dec 2020

edition 58

Edition 58

Composer Yannis Kyriakides receives the Johan Wagenaar Award 2020 today. The only lifetime achievement award for a composer in the Netherlands, the Johan Wagenaar Award is presented once every four years by the municipality of The Hague. On this festive day, compositions by Kyriakides are played in several locations across the city. On Wednesday evening 16 December, the concerts will…

24 Oct 2020

edition 57

Edition 57

Due to the new Corona measures, the concert of the Residentie Orkest on Sunday 25 October has unfortunately been canceled. The concerts on October 24 will take place for a maximum of 30 visitors. On Sunday, October 25, we will conclude with an exclusive online program. The theme of the 57th edition of Dag in de Branding is the music…

6 Jun 2020

edition 56

Edition 56

A festival theme that was conceived long before the corona crisis. Abandoned places in the (urban) landscape that appeal to the imagination of artists. Now that we are confronted with deserted stages and concert halls - abandoned because a deadly virus is haunting - this theme takes on a whole new meaning. On June 6 we present our programme online…

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