Edition 60 / 5/9 Jun 2021

Edition 60

Art is at its finest when it offers its viewers or listeners a chance to experience something new – whether it’s a fresh train of thought, new imagery or a new way of listening. In this edition of Dag in de Branding, three generations of composers present a fresh perspective on old and familiar aspects of music.

Klaas de Vries, one of the veterans of contemporary composed music in the Netherlands, presents an alternative to the usual concert experience: the audience is free to walk about in the auditorium or even to step outside for a moment to get a breath of fresh air. Trio XTRO represents the youngest generation and takes a fresh perspective on everyday acts and objects. Meriç Artaç introduces two new characters for her opera Mr. Zanzun’s House of Characters, which will be played this autumn, in conclusion of her residency at Festival Dag in de Branding. Maxim Shalygin closes the day with a fresh perspective on the cello. We are introduced to a whole new instrument, a futuristic installation built from the cello’s traditional materials: wood, horsehair and string.

program Edition 60 / 5/9 Jun 2021

program 5 Jun 2021


Nieuwe Kerk

Klaas de Vries – Oboi, Che Melancolia

Arthur Klaassens, oboe, cor anglais and lupophone


het Paard

XTRO – Flow




Meriç Artaç – Gece and Korke

Brigitte van Hagen, soprano / Robbrecht van Cauwenberghe, accordion / Julia Pallanche, vocals and tap dance / Ricardo Oliveira, percussion


Nieuwe Kerk

Maxim Shalygin – Severade

Cello8ctet / Maya Fridman, cello

program 9 Jun 2021



Mikel Urquiza – Ships Vanishing in the Horizon

New European Ensemble

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