Edition 66 / 4 Mar 2023

Edition 66

The combination of music and technology yields endless new artistic possibilities. This edition of Festival Dag in de Branding sees an encounter of two worlds: the centuries-old tradition with its familiar acoustic instruments, versus the modern age with its ever-changing technology.

You will be introduced to a brand-new electronic instrument (Jan-Bas Bollen’s HyperTheremin), hacked household appliances (Hugo Morales), ‘traditional’ sound recordings (Jimena Maldonado) and four electro-acoustic ensemble pieces (Ensemble Resilience) – in an ever-varying interplay with the conventional sound world of strings, wind instruments and percussion.

It has become impossible to imagine our lives without technology – or even our music, where electronically created sounds are the latest additions to broaden the palette. This edition shows the different ways in which today’s composers are able to utilise them: to raise current issues, to make a connection between tradition and the present, and also to take a look at the future., Isa Goldschmeding, artistic coordinator

program Edition 66 / 4 Mar 2023


Paard (small room)

Jan-Bas Bollen – KOORD

Nieuw Amsterdams Peil / Jan-Bas Bollen, HyperTheremin



At 5:45 pm there will be a Q &A in Club Korzo with musicians and composers

Space between

Boris Bezemer – Mountain
Boris Bezemer – You
William Dougherty – Dialogues à Distance
Jasna Veličković – Adapting
Mads Emil Dryer – Miniature 5

Ensemble Resilience

At 5:45 pm there will be a Q &A in Club Korzo with musicians and composers


Amare Studio

Jimena Maldonado – Which side are you on?
Jimena Maldonado – Repeat their names

Natalia Alvarez Arenas, percussion / Jan Foote, electric guitar / Jimena Maldonado, live electronics


De Nieuwe Regentes

NB: location has changed

Hugo Morales – Automatic Means of Human Labour

Nemø ensemble

NB: location has changed

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