Sat 4 March 2023
Paard (small room)
Prinsegracht 12 Den Haag

Several years ago, composer Jan-Bas Bollen developed a digital theremin: an advanced version of the original created by his illustrious predecessor Léon Theremin in 1919. The theremin was the very first electronic musical instrument. It produces sound based on radio waves and is played without physical contact.
In KOORD, Bollen plays his version of this electronic instrument in combination with a traditional string quartet. The four-part composition takes the pure sound of strings as its starting point. The HyperTheremin creates a vast sonic landscape with slowly shifting sound fields interspersed with fast passages.

We spoke with Jan-Bas Bollen in anticipation of his concert on March 4th about developing the HyperTheremin, the special combination with the acoustic ensemble and playing music without a score. Jan-Bas Bollen: “Koord is a magical experience.Read the interview here. 

Prior to the premiere of KOORD, Jan-Bas Bollen explains the working of his instrument.

Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

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