Sat 4 March 2023
At 5:45 pm there will be a Q &A in Club Korzo with musicians and composers

The newly founded Ensemble Resilience combines traditional instruments (clarinet, violin and piano) with various electronics. In Space between, four composers experiment with the interaction between acoustic and electronic music.
In Dialogues a distance, Bill Dougherty takes inspiration from virtual communication: snippets of Zoom conversations form the basis for a sarcastic commentary on the digitalisation of our world.
For Adapting, Jasna Veličković expands the ensemble’s line-up with an unexpected instrument: the electronic charger, or adapter. When amplified, this indispensable little device turns out to produce a gentle hum. By means of this ‘junk sound’, Veličković asks the question whether technology adapts to us or we adapt to technology.

In Miniature 5, Mads Emil Dryer uses the soundboxes of traditional instruments to resonate digital sounds, creating a surprising hybrid of sound sources that are normally strictly separated.
Boris Bezemer took the rapidly succeeding digits of a binary code as a metaphor for his new composition, in which he forges a handful of musical flashes into a whole.

We spoke with Natálie Kulina of Ensemble Resilience about her fellow musicians, the composers behind Space Between and what the audience can expect on March 4. Ensemble Resilience: “We think this is the music of the future” Read the interview here.

Want to know more? Come to Club Korzo at 5:45 pm there will be a Q &A with musicians and composers

Watch the Ensemble Resilience teaser here.

Ensemble Resilience

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