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Oerknal - photo Rob Hogeslag
Photo 2/9
Joseph Puglia & Oerknal - photo Rob Hogeslag
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Joseph Puglia & Oerknal - photo Rob Hogeslag
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Ensemble Modelo62 - photo Rob Hogeslag
Ensemble Modelo62
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Ensemble Modelo62 - photo Rob Hogeslag
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Carine Lacor & artists-in-residence - photo Rob Hogeslag
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Michele Amici & Georgia Burashko - photo Rob Hogeslag
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Katrien Baerts & Het Collectief - photo Rob Hogeslag
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Katrien Baerts & Het Collectief - photo Rob Hogeslag
Edition 63 / 26 Feb 2022

Edition 63

What kind of world are we living in now? With the pandemic lasting much longer than anyone would have thought two years ago, artists too feel the need to reflect on the consequences of global social disruption. This includes the composers during Dag in de Branding on 26 February.

In Parallax by Jan-Peter de Graaff, conspiracy thinking is a central theme. The composer shows that this, although not only a result of the corona crisis, might easily give rise to the most far-fetched ideas. Nevertheless, De Graaff understands the conspiracy theorists: because don’t we all shape the world to fit our own perspective? In Confessions, Claudio F Baroni, inspired by a series of poems by Anne Carson, tries to capture the social consequences of the pandemic in music.

Fortunately, composers continue to compose – even during a pandemic. Richard Ayres presents his new piece No.53 (Trödelmarkt): NONcerto for violin, a composition he compares to second-hand items on a flea market. And crisis or no crisis – there is always young talent. During this edition of Dag in de Branding, you will meet three young musicians, who have been commissioned by us to present new work this year.

program Edition 63 / 26 Feb 2022



James Tenney – Swell Piece nr 2
Richard Ayres – No. 53 (Trödelmarkt): NONcerto for violin

Joseph Puglia, violin / Ensemble Oerknal / Hardy Li, conductor



Claudio Baroni – Confessions
Claudio Baroni – Vis insita

Ensemble Modelo62


Amare foyer


Amarante Nat – A Freedom’s Lament (Act I)

Michela Amici, harp / Georgia Burashko, mezzo-soprano / Julian Maple-Oliveira / Thomas van Dun / Carine Lacor, presenter


Amare Studio

Jan-Peter de Graaff – Parallax

Katrien Baerts, soprano / Het Collectief / Kenza Koutchoukali, stage director

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