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Festival Dag in de Branding;; www.rewiref
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Festival Dag in de Branding;; www.rewiref
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Festival Dag in de Branding;; www.rewiref
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Festival Dag in de Branding;; www.rewiref
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Edition 61 / 18 Sep 2021

Dag in de Branding x Rewire

Following the successful collaboration in 2019, Festival Dag in de Branding is once again teaming up with The Hague’s Rewire Festival. Both festivals stand for musical adventure and experimentation at the intersection of composition, improvisation, electronic and video. Dag in de Branding focuses on music composed music in Netherlands, Rewire focuses on the international avant-garde.

The program on September 18 is divided into two blocks. You can buy tickets for the afternoon block and the evening block, or a passe-partout for the entire day. There are no tickets available for individual concerts for this edition.On Sunday 19 September, Cello Octet Amsterdam and Maya Fridman bring the live premiere of Severade by Maxim Shalygin. For this concerts tickets are sold seperately.

We will be working with the CoronaCheck-App on September 18 & 19. 

program Edition 61 / 18 Sep 2021

program 18 Sep 2021


Theater aan het Spui

second performance starts at 5:30 pm

Timoteo Carbone – Sounds in an Abandoned Space II

Federico Zurani

second performance starts at 5:30 pm


Theater aan het Spui

Meriç Artaç – Rudan

Jussi Lehtipuu, baritone / Karolina Walarowska, violin / Anna Jurriaanse, viola / Harry Broom, cello


Theater aan het Spui

Zeno van den Broek – Ma(n|chine)

Slagwerk Den Haag


Lutherse Kerk

Maria W. Horn – Dies Irae

Maria W. Horn



Celia Swart – Elevation of self-validation



Lutherse Kerk

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Aus den Sieben Tagen

Gareth Davis Group

program 19 Sep 2021


Nieuwe Kerk

Maxim Shalygin – Severade

Maya Fridman, cello / Cello Octet Amsterdam

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