Over the past one and a half year, Meriç Artaç, composer in residence at Festival Dag in de Branding, has been introducing characters to her audience. Now she is closing in on her grand finale in which the characters will meet each other: the opera with which she will bid her farewell to our festival. But first we meet Gece and Korke.

The Turkish word gece means ‘night’ and can also be used to express ‘blindness’ and ‘vulnerability’. Gece’s domain, therefore, is the dark, in which she (a soprano) lonely wanders, with nothing to hold on to but her nostalgic tales. The lights in her wig are the only source of light in this performance. Korke (singer / tap dancer / percussionist) is in every way her opposite: a classic narcissist who is interested only in herself. Her music is forcefully rhythmic, strong and full of confidence. She responds to her environment with short motifs.

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