Exciting collaboration with Festival Classique

Festival Dag in de Branding kicks off the summer on Saturday June 17 2023 in Scheveningen with an exciting collaboration with Festival Classique. Festival Classique has devoted itself to show that classical music is an enrichment for everybody. They leave the beaten track and expectation patterns of classical music, without compromising the quality of the music. That is why their concert programmes and locations are often unlike anything else and with eye for detail. Many similarities with Festival Dag in de Branding! Together we have programmed three concerts.

Beach Scheveningen, 12:00 (free entry)
Neo Fanfare 9×13 – Onder NAP
Anton van Houten, concept | David Geysen, director

More than half of the Netherlands is below sea level and we consider that quite normal. But is that really the case, in this time of melting ice caps and rising sea levels? In Onder NAP, the ten musicians of 9×13 take the listener into a climatic conflict. In a slapstick-like and swinging performance full of brass and percussion, the witty ingenuity of Jacques Tati is mixed with the absurdist humor of Monty Python. But nothing is as serious as comedy, especially when it comes to the climate. Onder NAP consists of music by Genevieve Murphy, Huba de Graaff, Pete Harden, Marc Kaptein, Ned McGowan, Wolfgang Rihm and Moondog, among others. Read more here

LightPavilion Scheveningen, 13:00
John Luther Adams – There’s No One Not Even the Wind
Kate Moore – De stijgende zeespiegel world premiere
New European Ensemble | Emlyn Stam, viola

Composer Kate Moore is concerned about climate change. She makes this audible in a ‘rising sea level duet’ for viola and ensemble. Wave patterns, which arise from the relationship between rhythm and meter, depict the water landscape with its tidal movement. Moore: “This creates a tidal wave from the center of the music that is invisible on the surface, but continues to grow as an unstoppable force that becomes more and more intense and powerful.” Read more here

LightPavilion Scheveningen, 2.15 pm
Maya Fridman / LudoWic – XILIIN
Maya Fridman, cello | LudoWic, electronics

Cellist Maya Fridman and electronic musician LudoWic meet in the program XILIIN: a confrontation between contemporary classical music and dark electronic noise. Cello, voice and synthesizer sometimes mix into an ambient music, sometimes the rhythm takes over. Their care about the environment has been subtly incorporated into the music: they have converted the data that forms the basis of sustainable applications into musical parameters. Read more here

Ticket sales
You can buy single tickets and combi tickets for the concerts in collaboration with Festival Classique. With our affordable passepartout you have access to all concerts on June 17. Go to the webshop



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