za 24 mei 2008

Principles of Concision: 40 werken van 1 minuut

Bringing a punk aesthetic into contemporary music, Ensemble Klang will present a brand new program specially-built for <>TAG of some 40 new works from 40 different composers. The works range in duration from 1 second to 2 minutes, and are less a collection of mini-miniatures than a collection of compositional ‘signatures’. Composers who have previously worked, or are currently working with the group, and also a group of composers whose work has been of significant influence to the group, have been invited to write a ‘signature’ – something that as briefly as possible articulates their compositional identity. As such, the entire collection of ‘signatures’ itself forms Ensemble Klang’s own signature.

‘Principles of Concision’ is a snapshot of the group’s first five years together – five years which have been punctuated by performances in, and collaborations with TAG. Consequently, an invitation to return to the Stille Veerkade presents a perfect opportunity to put together this exciting and individual program.

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