Sat 16 March 2024

Brass and percussion: they have been musical peas in a pod since the days of the Ancient Greeks. Stereotypically they are surrounded by a whiff of the military and, more recently, jazz. SMASH.duo is well aware of this and has asked five composers to write new works that challenge these stereotypes. Trumpeter Chloë Abbott and percussionist Moritz Koch are both very active in the European new music scene. As SMASH.duo they battle age-old preconceptions around their instrument combination. Don’t expect a stiffly conventional recital, but rather something akin to a pop concert, with inventive lighting and stage design.

SMASH.duo asked five composers with distinctly different styles to write new pieces for them. One of them, Sara Zamboni, also lives in The Hague. The other four are Vicente Atria, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Jessie Marino and Sowon Yun. What they have in common is an affinity with pop and electronics – and an innate hatred of stereotypes.

Joep Stapel spoke to SMASH.duo’s Chloë about the origins of SMASH.duo, their name and how they keep their concerts accessible. Chloë: “We try to approach a performance more like a pop group, as one whole set.” Read the full interview.

Thanks to:
Matea Kiselichka, movement director

SMASH.duo Foto: Alex Schröde

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