Sat 10 March 2018

This zesty programme by the Belgian Nadar Ensemble, famous for its multidisciplinary adventures, is proof that a concert can be more than simply listening to music.

Rot Blau poses questions about individuality and identity on stage. Jessie Marino (New York, 1984) wrote the piece at a time when people frequently mistook her for her good friend, cellist Natacha Diels. In Rot Blau, this mix­-up of identity is taken to the extreme.

Equally theatrical is Study #1, for variable instrumentation by Simon Steen-Andersen (1976), a Danish composer, performer and installation artist, currently residing in Berlin. A drum kit no bigger than a doll’s house with electronics: these are the tools in an exciting piece by Natacha Diels (Los Angeles, 1981).

In 1984, it’s OK! by Jennifer Walshe (Dublin, 1974), the musicians not only play their instruments, but also run, jump and fight.

And finally, Cathy van Eck (1979) presents a new work, Silver Breath, for musicians, microphones and aluminium foil.

Nadar Ensemble Photo by Rebecca Diependaele

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